30+ years of print industry experience has enabled PM Solutions Group to develop a robust network of local and national vendors and suppliers that blanket every segment of the management process.

Step One:

Identify all technology requirements for your project and match them with the correct vendor, ensuring on-time production and delivery.

Step Two:

Compare pricing of each qualified vendor based on the individual client’s needs and budget.

Step Three:

Show you all final project numbers, working with you to select the best solution.

From initial planning to final delivery, our team of seasoned professionalso utilize a comprehensive quality control management process for precise execution of your project. PMS’s long-standing relationships/partnerships with industry resources generates the highest best practice standards, including daily status confirmation your project’s production and timeline is maintained.

PMS Management Bottom Line

Raise production process quality
Lower production process cost

PMS Management Methodology

Optimize use of best technology locally and nationally
Minimize number of contacts in the project process

PMS Management Promise

One job will prove our process works!

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