Internet Stores & Portals

PM Solutions Group makes it easy to create your online store or portal, from planning and implementation to maintenance, workflow and user interactions. We offer customizable and flexible online solutions that are designed for a wide range of ecommerce and matched to your specific needs.

Internet stores, commonly known as E-commerce, is trading in products or services using computer networks, drawing on technologies such as email, mobile commerce, electronic funds transfer, inventory management systems, etc. Though modern software technologies have simplified the process of online store creation dramatically, making a professional, easy-to-understand final product can sometimes be more difficult.

Portals are specially designed Web pages that bring information and users together from a variety of sources in a uniform way. They can also be complex systems involving security, multiple processes, transaction capability and a large infrastructure.

From major functionality to the smallest detail, PM Solutions Group has the tools and the knowhow to design and develop your very own internet store to market products and services to customers worldwide or portal for multiple applications and databases both internally and exterally.

To learn more about how PM Solutions Group an create a NO-COST custom sample store site for your company, contact one of our team members today or call (214) 808-3070.